Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Days of Disco Console

Frank from Affordable Modernism (remember the credenza) sent me an email with one picture and four words:  "Check this baby out."

When it comes to home decor I'll do anything from Ikea to Baker, but there is something about acquiring that one of a kind vintage mid-century piece that just makes me wanna boogie. I've always had an affinity for art-deco - don't get me started on how profoundly in love I am with my Barbara Barry for Baker Diamond Chest:

Everyone should have a little disco in their homes. We might be nearing the end, but baby it is NOT over.

So as always it was as easy as simply emailing Frank, and there he was the next day:

Frank from Affordable Modern
Let me tell you, standing on the sidewalk in my crazy Trina Turk trench and Harold Moscowitz and my new Last Days of Disco console -

I was quite certain I put the "A" in Stayin' Alive. Talk about a Saturday Morning Fever. . .


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