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I don't care if you're the next Martha Stewart or if you roll more like Ali G - Jonathan Adler's "Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living" makes the heart smile. Every therapist should have one in their office.  Actually therapists will be out of a job all across America if their clients stumble on this baby.  Obviously the goal is to have my own Manifesto, but I've always been a strong proponent of not re-inventing the wheel.  And this one in my opinion should be the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of Interior Design.  Throw in the Magna Carta and fine why not The Peace Treaty of Versailles.  NAFTA if you will.  Each page is a gift that touches your inner child and releases your id in a way that would even turn 'ol Freud on... Here are the ones I am most obsessed with. . .

I believe your home should make you happy. Decorate your home so that it expresses who you are and makes you happy when you walk in the door.  

I believe that dogs should be allowed in stores and in restaurants.

Don't feel guilty about watching too much TV.  Put a TV in every room.

Your home should be like a good dose of Zoloft.

Play with paint.

Whomp it up with wallpaper.

Just because clowns are creepy doesn't mean you shouldn't put one over your fireplace.

Name your house after an English country estate and have the name imprinted on everything.  Name your children after venerable New York law firms.  How cute would a little Cadwallader Adler be?

Find work that you love.  Don't stop until you find it and don't let anyone hold you back or put you down.