Monday, June 7, 2010

Back to Hermes

For many girls, it's the iconic Tiffany's "little blue box" and its whispered diamond promise that sets hearts fluttering. Without going all Blood Diamond on you - great movie, by the way -  let's just say this is the box that makes me a little light in the head.

I have collected Hermes scarves over the years, and I treasure each one because they all represent a special moment in my life. I wear them as belts, headbands, sarongs, and of course the classic wrap around the neck - a college boyfriend told me I looked like an airline stewardess but he dug it anyway. The recent Life Is A Tale campaign featuring stills from childhood fairy tale favorites is so dreamy.

So is the Hermes "Cheval Turc" silk scarf pillow at Vivre - a gorgeous website I enjoy visiting when I am in a Back to Absurd mood and like to believe I have a bank account bigger than Buffet's. Otherwise, Martha Stewart gives a decent lesson on how to transform your favorite scarf into a pillow here.

I also love the idea of framing a favorite scarf - below is an image from Martha Stewart:

In my old life I framed an Hermes scarf featuring the Tower of Babel in my living room because I am entranced by the story - the birth of language, the spirit of man's arrogance (which I applaud), and Babylon - the city of dreams and the song I love. It's something I no longer possess, but Back to A is believing that memory negates loss. Perhaps that's why I'm always taking pictures. Transience disarms me.

I fell in love with this lamp at Gracious Home - it's called the Robert Abbey Sabrina Lily table lamp and you can order it online here if you love it, too.

Then I went to Lexington Lampshade and bought two crystal finials for $20 - a lamp finial is critical and so often overlooked. I'm the girl who very often misses the big picture, but I could spend a lifetime in a detail.

As for the lampshade? Not Hermes, but at $60 just the makeover my table lamps needed to go from anonymous, pretty lamps at Gracious Home to personalized, Back to A lamps on my night tables.

Don't fret - I'm still all about the yellow - but a little splash of Hermes orange gives me a kick. A new lamp shade is an affordable and simple way to make a dramatic change to a room - I hope you are sitting before you go here because you might faint. I know I did when I saw those beauties - Lamps Plus in my opinion is hands down the best place online to get the coolest shades.

I know it's only a one bedroom rental I'm pimping out, but it's my personal Babylon. Life is indeed a tale.


Anonymous said...

This is brilliant, Anisha. I actually discovered Lamps Plus a while back and think this store is amazing.

Yvette said...


I am not sure if you still have the Robert Abbey Sabrina Table lamp, but if you do and willing to sell I would love to purchase it.
I have one of this lamps in my bedroom and was looking for another to match it but as I was purchasing it at one of the sites, it turned out that this lamp has been discontinued for some time now and no one appears to have it.
If you know where I could still purchase this lamp or if you have one that I could buy, please let me know.
I really appreciate it!

Best wishes,

AnishaNYC said...

Dear Ivett,

Yes, I have both lamps in perfect condition and am always open to sell / mix things around. How do I contact you? Thank you for reading!


Yvette said...

Hello Anisha,
Omg, Thank you so much! Cannot tell you how happy I am that you have it. I am so sorry that I lost track of your answer back in August. I looked back for a couple of days, then I though you might not want to part with the lamp. :)
If you still have and would like to sell, this is my e-mail address that you could contact me:
I would be interested in one lamp (if that is agreeable to you) because I have one and I would need another to match it in my bedroom.
Thanks so much again!
Best, Ivett

Yvette said...

Hi Anisha,
I was wondering if you have sent me an e-mail and it has landed in my junk-folder, because I haven't received anything yet and I am still interested in the lamp(s). Would you please let me know either way. Even if you don't want to (or don't have the lamps) anymore, so that I know to stop "chasing" you with my e-mails :)
I hope you understand. I very much appreciate it!
Best wishes, Ivett

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