Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to Laundry

Back to A is about going back to yourself, discovering that you are capable of pretty much anything you set your mind to, even if that requires a little trial by error and having to overcome more than a few obstacles along the way. But it's also about being real and knowing your limitations, and laundry just happens to be one of mine. I am not going to apologize - I find the whole process daunting, and all those swirling machines and quarters make me dizzy. So that's when I made the decision - Scarlett O'Hara style - that I would never do laundry again. You remember that epic scene, right? When she stood against that amazing southern setting sun and said with all the conviction in the world, "I'll never go hungry again!"

Enter The Laundry Stork. I love the name - instead of a stork flying in and dropping off some hectic, crying baby, this nice stork comes, picks up your laundry, and delivers it back the next day!

You don't have to call someone or even move from your computer - you just click here  to set up your account, and you're good to go. I tried it yesterday. Today I came home from walking Harold and my doorman handed me the most adorable laundry bag - FREE GIFT?! - with the stork on the front. I went upstairs and lo and behold - all my laundry washed, folded, and neatly stacked - a massive bag for twenty bucks. Eco-friendly, too. I'm not admittedly that green of a person - I care about the environment deep down, but it's not something I go too nuts about - animal charities are more my thing. But laundry arriving in a cute stork bag, all done like magic - that is something I care deeply and profoundly about. Check it out - with a 24-hour turn around (they do dry-cleaning, too) what could possibly be better? Get storked, and use the time you save to go Back to A on all the other things you've been meaning to get to but never do.


Sarah Jane said...

love the blog Anisha! definitely going to try the laundry stork;) xo sarah

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