Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to Adam and Adora

Nobody clocked in more hours watching He-Man and She-Ra than I did; channel 11 at 3:30 every afternoon. The Sorceress and all her Grayskull peeps had nothing on my comprehension of the legend. Adam and Adora were twins separated at birth - but they were also He-Man and She-Ra. What can I say, alter egos and the possibility of secret super powers just thrills me.

Furniture can also have super powers that are not immediately evident upon first encounters. Take the lacquered Parson's desk at West Elm - available in a variety of shades and in two different sizes. At the store it's just Prince or Princess Parson. 

But once it arrives into your home, Grayskull lends it super, transformative powers:

Behind the couch looks pretty chic, but I love it next to the bed, above a zebra rug, or even painted pink - which is easy to do - just sand it down lightly, grab a fat brush and some paint and brushstroke your way into any color you dig.

The options are endless. In my living room I was inspired by a picture in last month's ElleDecor which featured a desk in lieu of a side table next to the couch. But before I could do any configurations, some necessary construction was needed. (I had a sneaking suspicion this was supposed to be a pretty easy process, but this was one of the first pieces I had ever constructed so I shall admit I was up half the night - but you have no idea how much more you love a piece of furniture when you know you constructed it - even if just a little bit.)

Mama, why the hell did you not order this online? This is ridiculous.

Obviously Harold accompanied me to the West Elm on the West Side - I hired a man with a van to bring it over (in retrospect I would like to share that this is the stupid way to go - just order the thing online) - Harold gave the man a very specific look in the car - the "I've got my eye on you" look.

"I've got my eye on you, sketchy MAN WITH A VAN from Craig's List. You could be a rapist."

Don't mind Harold. He was born with the 'my bowl's half-empty mentality.' Like I said, construction was extremely irritating.

"Why don't we have help to take care of these situations? Why are we so poor?"

I decided on getting the mini-Parsons desk, and fit it into the perfect nook in the corner of my living room. Now that I have all the bare bones, I am excited to start looking into fun cushions, window treatments, and accent pieces that will brighten up the space and give it character. But the baby Parson's desk transformed a dead corner of my living room into a perfect little home office for me - by the power of Grayskull, obviously.

Nights in white satin until I decide on the accent color. . . yellow? It's my favorite. What does your favorite color say about you - - don't roll your eyes, you know you're going to click here and find out.

Obviously I have to consult with Harold first. I can't explain it. . . I have just always sought the little man's approval. Perhaps because he so rarely bestows it upon anyone or anything. I dig that most of all.


Anonymous said...

So Obvious, kidding- very cool, can't wait to see!!! Love Harold giving you the eye.....

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