Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back To Shady Lane

Great window treatments are like Jennifer Aniston's hair. They can take the good into a whole new stratosphere and virtually change the look of an individual, or in this case, an apartment. The great gals at Haus Interior once again came through. . . I told them I loved the simplicity of Jonathan Adler's roman shades (pictured below) - when a room is infused with crazily fabulous wallpaper, or bursts of funky color, a bordered roman shade tempers.

We sat down with their window treatment guys and played with ideas and color. . .

The gorgeous wallpaper Nina Freudenberger picked out for me arrived and I watched with fascination as it turned my simple one bedroom into a Marie Antoinette Baroque boudouir. . . 

Friends Sebastian and Nick came to watch - I'm not going to lie, wallpaper going up might be the most hypnotic, fascinating thing to watch on the planet.

And then, FINALLY, the window treatments arrived and were installed in a matter of minutes.  My yellow living room had Jennifer Aniston level "hair."

And the amazing swirls on my bedroom wallpaper were brought to order and focus with the stark "le chicness" (I learned that magical term from my friend Peter and plan to use it often) only black and white can lend. . .

Then Harold looked at me meanly and said, "I told you it was a better idea to hire people to do things for you. It was like Eloise's bedroom at The Plaza around here for a couple weeks. Very bad environment for a shitzu."

Um, yeah, shitzu's got a point. It is easier when someone does things for you. . . things did get a little hectic.

But then again, I've always been a little chaotic. Chaos is creativity. Complexity. Capriciousness. Chaos is comfort. Chaos is a shade that lets you put off the world for awhile. . .

But now I have shades - and it's clean up time. I look one last time at my romans before I get ready to close my laptop and go to bed -

There's something about the neatness that inspires.


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