Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back to Petography

Ten years ago I made a splurge I have not regretted for a single day. Yes, Jim Dratfield's Petography is expensive. Yes, you will probably be put on a wait list. And yes, if you have a pet and a wall to fill, it's worth every penny because nobody - nobody - captures the soul of an animal the way Jim does.

Celebrity dog owners such as Jennifer Aniston, Kathy Bates, Oscar de la Renta and Lara Flynn Boyle have all been his clients, but it's a safe bet he didn't pay them much attention. When Jim arrives, he likes to hang with your dog. Seriously. Maybe go for a walk. Sit and chill. It's unique and heartwarming, and there's something that transpires in those moments that manifests itself in the photographs. His website features hundreds of amazing shots - if you're like me you will end up spending well over an hour perusing the galleries. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend some time this afternoon. . . the ones below are my personal favorites.

Jim is just as happy taking pictures of your other pets - dogs, horses, cats, gerbils - he loves all animals, and they always love him.

I gave a session to my father two years ago - Jim loves to do a shoot in the park - and gifting a session with him is a great idea for someone who loves their dog more than anything else in this world. Our Golden Retriever Ben passed away last year, but here he is, forever young. I love this photograph. I miss him.

Jim is also the author of five books that can be accessed here, but my favorite is A Dog For All Seasons for two reasons. . .

I love the name because it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, A Man For All Seasons. The story of Thomas More was a play first performed in 1960 at The Globe Theater in England, and the movie won't blow you away immediately. . . it's one of those linger-in-your-mind-long-after-it's-over deals and a month or two down the line you find yourself wanting to see it again. Men - anyone, really - who speak their minds are increasingly rare, and Thomas More defied a king in order to stay true to his convictions. Caesar said it best: "Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once." Word.

Back to Petography - and the second reason I love this book. Harold is in it! He sits and stares at it for hours every day - Harold believes that Back to A is back to narcissism. I'm okay with that.

We both love the inscription Jim wrote for us - Harold thinks it's quite baller of him to be a shitzu and a muse. . . very few people get to be muses in their lifetime.

And there he is, captured perfectly - prone to paranoia, highly unpredictable, with the manner of a very old man. That's Harold indeed. He brings absolute joy into my life.

Jim's packages also come with options to have holiday cards, sterling silver jewelry and a variety of gift items with your favorite photos - you can see all the options here. Book Jim Dratfield today - for yourself or for someone you love. And please tell him Harold Moscowitz said what up.

If you happen to live in Okinawa (you never know - the internet is like Alladin's magic carpet) I think Pamela Oliveras's photography rivals Dratfield - on the other hemisphere so no competition! Here's an amazing shot of hers I absolutely adore - you can access her site here.

Here's to the men and women who take pictures of animals for a living - doing what you love for a living, or even in life - is, after all, the foundation of Back to A.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, You Rock!! So does Jim and Pamela and their amazing photos of loved animals around the world.

ukreal1 said...

Awww thank you so much for featuring my recent shoot. Maybe I can photograph a few celebs pets when I get back to the States, buy my family a house and be able to keep lots of animals in it including my rescued 6 yr old pitbull, Harry, who has never so much as given a dirty look to another human being! :)
Much love to Karen, I miss chatting to you in Oki and, of course, eating homemade tomato soup!

Anonymous said...

The last one is of my baby! :)

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