Friday, May 4, 2012

Back to Where The Sidewalk Ends

There's a lot of dope shit to be found where the sidewalk ends. Just because you can afford to buy something that's brand new doesn't mean you should. If you slide a credit card to get everything you want in life, you're so far from Back to A we don't even know who you are anymore. Go on an adventure. Create a project so ass crazy even your doorman blinks a couple times and shakes his head. 

Here's what Harold, Louhizz, and I found one fine night. . . it reminded us a little of. . . well, us. It wanted to go Back to A, so we decided to wheel it in there. 

Painting random pieces of furniture is probably one of our favorite activities. It's a little Tom Sawyer, a little Daniel Son circa Mr. Miyagi wax on wax off style, and we dig it. The paint you need is the Hollandlac paint from Janovic Plaza - it goes on shiny, thick, and in that delicious, bright, lacquer-y yum brilliance you envision. 

Here's the thing, though. Going big with a color like yellow, Back to A has discovered, is never a good idea. It feels like a GREAT idea at the time, and even when some dim sense within you half-way through the project starts pointing out that this ISN'T going quite the way you envisioned, you may push through because black and white seemed so boring. We've learned that sticking with anything, or anyone, a minute longer past when your heart tells you it's not right is a mistake. The heart always knows. But it's a difficult lesson to master, and sometimes you keep pushing on with the mistake because finishing feels like an accomplishment, while stopping and then starting all over again feels like a waste of time.

It's not. Always, always, always stop when your heart says stop. That very second. Anyone can get to the finish line. But that's just the end, isn't it? Here's to realizing it's far more important to laugh and love and be happy along the way. It's the running. The race itself. The blue ribbon has never been the prize. 

Making mistakes is okay. Back to A is a profound believer in the adage to err is human. Living with a mistake is laziness. Black and white isn't always boring. We are learning a lot about simplicity and restraint these days, and some black and white lacquer paint, while perhaps not as exciting as the yellow purchase, will create a look far more striking than yellow ever could. Repainting wasn't that bad, even. We played a little music, and enjoyed seeing the project come to life in the way it was meant to. 

We're still painting and playing and discovering our way. Back to being okay with the mistakes, muddling through the errors, and searching for joy against all odds. Where the sidewalk ends, our world begins. We think all endings are really just beautiful beginnings. We think sometimes, when you hit that chord just right, even shih tzus can fly. Back to anything is possible.

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