Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to DIY Curtains and Cushions

I am convinced there is a secret conspiracy to make every single Manhattan one bedroom have a kitchen immediately to the left of the entrance. Dark, window-less, dreary. . . yet somehow simultaneously a beacon alerting all who enter that it is indeed just another one bedroom rental. Curtains have functionality when used as window treatments, but I think entrances can be given a little importance. In keeping with my bedroom's theme of juxtaposing floral with geometric, I decided to do a black and white pinstripe curtain in the entry to my kitchen. . . just to make it feel a little more important. The rods are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond in the basement. All the hardware is included and it's really simple. Do NOT forget to purchase the magical rings with the clips that hold the fabric up.

Once the rod is installed, I took the fabric I purchased at Ikea for $8.99 a yard and clipped it to the rings. No tailoring, no sewing, no hassle. Just clip 'em. They look perfect.

With the left over fabric, simply spread it in a straight line across the floor, take a pair of scissors, and snip snip snip. To neaten the edges, fold it over and stick with double-sided tip. Almost anything in the world can be achieved with double-sided tape. I quite love it.

I chose a yellow tie back to tie the curtains in with the yellow in the rest of the apartment - I just never get tired of yellow. And as for entering my apartment. . . well I could do that all day.

With the left over fabric, I took a massive foam pillow I also purchased at Ikea for under ten dollars and spread the fabric under it. Harold looked suspiciously on. He's used to my antics, but this looked a little different than the usual wallpaper / curtain deal.

I started to roll. . .Harold was transfixed. "Mama, this is absolutely fascinating," he announced. Yes, Harold, an intrinsic part of being Back to A is being quite fascinating indeed.

Double sided-tape, some bright orange ribbon to match the shades (my friend Edward said any more orange and then it would look 'too Halloween' - he's always right about stuff like that) and I threw it across this gorgeous bedspread I found last month at West Elm. The sheen and texture make for the dreamiest nights.

Paying someone to have curtain treatments made or pillows upholstered is obviously easier, but my friend (and author of favorite blog La Dolce Vita) featured a great quote by Pablo Picasso the other day that rung so very back to A: "I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it." - Pablo Picasso

It's the simplest of statements that ring so utterly profound.


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