Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Columbus Reflects

The list of decor blogs that are available online is endless and overwhelming.  I spent hours over weeks over almost two months almost frozen with the variety and the constant temptations.  In the blog world, there is always the promise of a new post - something better and more fabulous aimed to make the purchase or decision you made today feel like a mistake.  Decor insecurity is a serious ailment online.

In the end, I found myself returning to a few staples because they consistently knock my socks off on a daily basis: The Cultivated Home, Material Girls, InsideAvenue, and La Dolce Vita are my top picks and all four can be accessed on my "Aspiration Roll" located on the adjacent column.  In my quest for the perfect mirror, I found myself constantly drawn to the stunning ones featured on Inside Avenue. Below are my two favorites:

For a complete look you can simply visit the Home Store featured on InsideAvenue and you will see what I mean.  But some are quite pricey and I started scouting for beautiful, less expensive alternatives.

Hellloooooo GreenFlea -  I was more excited than Columbus circa 1492 with this gem of a discovery. I went with a friend a few weeks back and to be absolutely honest the main goal was to try a burger at Shake Shack and maybe scour a few vintage finds - both the flea market and the Shack are located on 77th and Columbus, right across from Isabella's. It was love at first sight. GreenFlea, not the Shack - I prefer Melon's any day - somethings we just do better over here on the Upper East Side, let's get real.

And the mirrors. . . I was awestruck.  There they were.  So similar, yet somehow chipped, worn in different places and whispering of history and use and charm.  No ordering.  Just a simple exchange of cash (a little negotiating) and you simply carry it home.

This big one is the one I have my heart set on, and for $250 (seriously) you all know where I will be every Sunday this spring! Oh yeah. . . GreenFlea is only open on Sundays until 5:45 p.m. and you cannot bring your dogs.  Take it from someone who showed up on a Saturday with Harold. But the website is amazing and features all the specifics you need and answers most of the questions you might have.

I am so excited to share my finds and projects with you and shall be dedicating several posts this week to my adventures on Columbus Avenue. . . jump aboard!


Anonymous said...

That is a truly great mirror. Shows you have a great eye. I am just not sure that snow white is the right fairy tale for this post. Something tells me a different one would be a better fit.

Anisha Lakhani said...

Absolutely agree! Thank you. . .

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