Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back to Mid-Century Madness

When you're Back to A, purchasing a television means purchasing that thing that it is going to rest on - based on what you know I am not the girl who's even going to try and offer advice on mounting plasmas on the wall. That's rocket science as far as I'm considered. Scouring the net, I stumbled on the find of the century so hold your horses and tell Crate & Barrel to relax. . . when I saw this baby on Affordable Modernism my heart skipped a beat.

Frank, the founder and creator of the site, keeps it very simple. He offers beautiful vintage and mid-century furniture and constantly updates with new pieces.  If you call him at 908-313-4212 he actually picks up, or will get back to you. He has a van. All he asks is that you are waiting outside your building with a dolly (yeah, new thing I learned) and there we were, Harold, Dolly, and I, too excited for words for our delivery.

Thankfully our favorite doorman Fred - he thinks my projects are alarming and amusing - was on hand to help as Frank pulled up.

Don't you love Frank already? I meet the nicest people online. I know that last sentiment probably made my mother cringe, but Mom really, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life and decor are adventures. I've always been the slightly more, well, colorful member of our family. Some friends call me special. Humor is a very important quality at Back to A, because more often than not these days the joke's on me. . . and there's nothing to do but laugh, because the alternative isn't pretty.

Harold, Frank, Fred, and I were extremely involved and busy.

Once we got in the elevator, Harold made it clear he still wanted to do his hallway back scratch and wasn't about to let any furniture delivery come in the way of that. I said cool. No matter what is going on in your life, or how rushed or stressed you might be, if a dog wants to do something always say cool.

After much huffing and puffing, there we were, back in my apartment with the amazing credenza right in front of my couch. I didn't have a TV yet (post coming, obviously), but I got Apple TV:

And for now just placed Gumby where the TV is going to go.

Gumby is good for things like that.  Little green man who knows the importance of being elastic.


Anonymous said...

That is another nice piece! Personally I would go with Ganapati over Gumby, but that is just me :) Your eye continues to impress.

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