Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to Stilettos

I'm excited to be the guest designer today (don't worry, Harold was monitoring me closely) because Back to A has special meaning to me. I'm Rebecca, and I moved to the city this summer and just completed decorating my first big Apple apartment - in fact, I lent Anisha the Domino book she posted this morning because I used it as my guide - she's right, I cannot recommend it enough.  It was my lifeline and toolbox for tips. Their small space solutions could not be more useful for those of you living in an apartment building.

I'm all about Back to A and decking your own home out - YOURSELF - and with elements of your personality. I scoured anything from a thrift shop to ABC home to websites because when you discover something you love on your own, it defines your creativity and taste.  The Domino book of decorating suggests creating a binder where you can secure all your tear sheets and ideas so you have all of them in one place.

The adorable parrot lamp is from Horchow - I got it awhile back and the site is constantly updating with new styles so it's worth checking out for a unique table lamp - flair is always fun.

But I also think it's important to have a little humor, and what girl isn't crazy about stilettos?  I think china is fabulous and certainly plan to have it more elaborately displayed in my future home (yeah, please note six plates hanging on the wall  - the ones on the left are antiques from my mother, and three on the right are brand new.  Something old, something new, you know how it goes).  Back to shoes.

Yes, this china cabinet is in my living room for everyone to see, and it was one of my favorite antique finds, so I figured, why not fill it with my favorite stilettos?  It sits to the right of a more modern butler tray table and stand I got from William Sonoma Home because I think it's nice to mix it up a bit, and the tray is filled with, well, you know.

Even though I'm a country girl who just moved to the city, don't underestimate the Jersey girls - Anisha, I'm sure you would agree.

We have all kinds of weapons.

I used this bad boy to put up all my curtains and the bathroom ladies room hardware.  So I'm pretty handy, and yesterday I embarked on a great project that I think all of you should consider if looking to brighten up a piece.  I got a hot glue gun, stole a roll of my mother's wallpaper (later found out it has been discontinued, sorry Mom) and wallpapered the back of my china-stiletto cabinet.

This is a great trick behind a book shelf or any display case you have in the house, and quite easily done - now the heels really pop and have the full attention they so rightly deserve.  But I'm not going to take all the credit - we all know this was Harold's masterplan.

The little guy is so divine and he has the most impeccable taste.


Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I love the shoes in the china cabinet. It is so reminiscent of my friend Montana Timchula's style!! She must have been an inspiration as well, no?

Anonymous said...

No helping hands at home moments here - kudos - tons of style. Check out too. I will list you on "sites we love" -- CB

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